Presidency of the European Union Council Coin

From 1 January 2021, Portugal presides over the Council of the European Union.
It is the fourth time the country takes on this leadership, now in a particularly difficult pandemic context urging specific guidelines for economic and social development.
To mark the occasion, the National Mint House (INCM) issued a circulation and commemorative coin, with face value of €2. 
Our design for this coin explores the geographic relationship between Portugal, the presiding country, and the other European member states. The country’s peripheral location provides the geometric origin from which emanates a simple, clear geometric composition of straight lines. They symbolize the social, economical and cultural ties that bind us to our fellow members and represent the digital links we must consolidate in the process of acting towards a fair, green and digital recovery, the presidency’s motto. 
Besides the circulation coin there are two collector’s editions, with different finishings. The BNC (Brilliant Uncirculated) corresponds to coins that are uniformly bright in both the field and the reliefs, requiring specially prepared blanks using polished dies. The Proof (Numismatical Proof) version corresponds to coins that have a mirrored field and streaked reliefs and are minted on specially prepared blanks, using polished and frosted dies.

Circulating in the European Union, the coin should represent Portugal’s standpoint, commitment and openness, and last as a testimony of these values in our collective memory.